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Structural color is an exploration of color, pattern, and impermanence in decoration. Not all colors come from pigments. In nature some colors are formed by light refracting off of cellular structures, a phenomenon found commonly on butterfly wings and in bird feathers. When the cells change angle, the appearance of the color will often change due to the shortened or lengthened waves of refracted light.

The process of color shifting is interpreted into an analog design experience in response to the Lexus Design Award  brief "Yet." Static Yet Changing is a concept design for a floor covering made from ceramic tiles that are able to rotate in order to alter the decoration, taking inspiration from structural color found in nature.

The designs were exhibited at the Triannale di Milano, during 2017's Salone in Milan, Italy.

Produced by
Jess Fügler, Isa Rodrigues

Stonewear, Synthetic thread

Rei Yoshizawa, Jess Fügler

Project Mentor

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