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In 2018, a fire at the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro reduced more than 90% of the museum’s 20 million artefacts to ashes. Atlas of Lost Finds is a collection of artists and designers whose works explore how 3D scans and other digital data ghosts can revive the lost ancient artefacts.

My remake of the Felideo vessel explores the idea of reproduction and loss of original meaning over time. By repeating the process of copy and produce, the vessel becomes more abstracted with each rendition as its size shrinks and details blur. Each remake is a  deterioration of the vessel’s original meaning by presenting an altered message visualizing the loss of authentic information over time. 

The process of creating the remakes of the Felideo vessel is connected to the original piece because it original artifact, as it was made from a press mould itself. This raises questions of how many were made and was the initial object authentic in itself?

Project exhibited at Design Museum Gent during Design Fest Gent 2022

Produced by
Jess Fügler




Jess Fügler, Atlas of Lost Finds

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